aNueNue M20 Feather Bird Solid Top Travel Guitar
aNueNue have redefined the sound of a " travel guitar". You'll get a huge sound with the M20 Solid Top Feather Bird guitar
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Product Description


  • The aNueNue Bird Guitar has a classic-headstock design made with a Mahogany veneer and has a laser-etched logo. Gear tuners are used and allow for precise tuning. You won’t have to worry about the guitar going out of tune after every song.


    Our M Feather Series guitar has a rosewood fret board. Rosewood is a hard tone wood, with open pores and is a stable wood to work with. Rosewood is also adaptable to climate changes and with the 43mm nut width, along with the 20-fret design allows for endless tonal possibilities
  • BODY

    aNueNue’s Bird patented body adds more resonance space to allow for a fuller sound. Innovative bracing patterns makes the sound very balanced. The straight cutaway makes playing at the higher register frets an ease. Rosewood binding is added for better protection. The Semi-Gloss finish has that rich satin look.

    The offset sound hole improves the balance and clarity of high, mids and lows. Moving the Sound hole to the top left added more top resonance space and allows the body to vibrate. The offset sound hole also helps the player hear themselves better because their ear is in line with the sound hole.

    We used an oval-shaped rosewood bridge to help support the string tension. We also use real Buffalo Bone for the nut which is very hard and articulate. This helps the strings to vibrate and to have a deep resonance.
  • WOOD

    Solid africa mahogany top is stiffer and flexible and translates into a fuller and brighter tone. Laminated mahogany back and sides make the guitar more durable.

    This M Series comes with a 36 inch aNueNue Bird Deluxe Gig bag. We used quilted nylon cloth and designed the case with 20 mm of thickness for extra protection. There’s a front pocket for easy storage. There’s also both a side handle, and backpack-style straps, to make it easy to carry.

    The Fishman Sonitone active preamp with vol/tone control sound hole mounted. Fishman Sonicore has an under saddle pickup. It is operates with a 9V battery, with a battery pouch.
  • Name   M20 Feather Bird
     Model   aNN-M20     ( Acoustic )
      aNN-M20EF ( Pickup )
     Label   Bird M 20
     Size   36"
     Total Frets   20
     Top   Solid Africa Mahogany
     Side   Mahogany
     Back   Mahogany
     Head Veneer   Mahognay
     Machine Head   Gear Pegs
     Neck   Mahogany
     Bridge   Rosewood
     Nut / Saddle   Buffalo Bone
     Nut Width   43mm
     Fingerboard   Rosewood
     Scale length   24" / 610mm
     Strigs   Daddario EXP16
     Pickup   None / Fishman Sonitone
     Finish   Semi-Gloss
     Rosette   None
     Binding   Rosewood
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