Bogner Helios 100w Head
To celebrate their 25th year anniversary Bogner Amplification releases the HELIOS amplifiers. Truly a sonic time machine, HELIOS features hand-wired construction with two foot switchable channels and foot switchable FX loop/boost. Available as 50 or 100 watts with EL34 power tubes.
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Product Description

After countless requests Reinhold Bogner revisited his vast amount of detailed notes that go back in time from three decades of archiving, modifying and designing amplifiers. Through this treasure of documents lives the aural mojo of clients such as Eddie Van Halen, Steve Stevens, Jerry Cantrell, George Lynch, Michael Landau + others.

With this past knowledge HELIOS delivers Rock's deepest roots with 40 years of iconic and modified Marshall tones.


front panel >    
             * plexi and hot inputs

            * ch1: volume control, 3 position bright switch

            * ch2 : gain, bass, middle, treble and volume control

            * pre eq. switch for plexi bright, normal and bright

            * voicing switch for 70 or 80

            * eq bypass switch for raw pre - power amp voicing

            * common presence control

back panel >    * bottom control with punch switch for low end response

            * tube buffered series effects loop with return level control

            * JMP-100W or JTM-30W mode switch (100W version only!)

            * foot switchable functions: channel select and effects loop,
              note: foot controller not included

100W or 50W? Much like with the old Plexi type amps the two Helios versions sound and feel different. If you tend to the 50W because of the lower power you probably should choose the 100W, this is the more popular sound, also keep in mind it has a 30W mode.

If you favor the 50W versions of the old Plexi type amps then the 50W Helios will be the right choice.

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