Because prices, product descriptions and availability can change quickly, Guitar Brothers does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of information on this website and will not be responsible for any typographical errors or errors in illustrations, pictures or descriptions. Pictures of products are for illustration only and actual product may differ from the picture shown. The only time that this disclaimer is not in affect is in our "Vintage Vault" where the products displayed are sold in 'as is' condition.


All new products are sold with the supplier's limited warranties. The terms of the warranty vary depending upon the supplier and product. Please email info@guitarbrothers.com.au for further details. Except to the extent required by law or to the extent otherwise specified, Guitar Brothers provides no separate warranty.

Availability and Delivery
Every effort will be made to source the product on behalf of our customers in a timely manner and for orders of print, which will not be available to ship within days, we will contact you following receipt of your order and provide you with an estimated delivery time. However, we recommend that you check the expected delivery time before placing your order by emailing
sales@guitarbrothers.com.au. Please note however, that because we are reliant on suppliers and freight companies, we cannot guarantee delivery times even where we have provided an estimate.

Where more than one item is ordered, items may not arrive simultaneously. There will be no additional freight charge to you in this instance unless your items are sent separately at your request.

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