Hawaiian, blues, Western swing, country, rock and pop – the lap steel guitar crops up frequently in all kinds of music. Usually tuned to an open chord. As a close relative of the regular 6 string guitar, most guitar players can slide out a lick or two on these simple beauties. 
Not so the frankly frightening pedal steel. With more strings, multiple bending pedals and levers it requires a freakish set of aptitudes and a fairly fat wallet to play one. So how about a lap steel augmented with a sprinkling of mechanical bendables? What a jolly good idea…
Duesenberg's Lap Steels begin with their legendary innovative design & hardware.Featuring  a slab mahogany body/neck, themed with the company's trademark three-stepped, Art Deco shaping. The square neck and 12mm action mean it can only be played Hawaiian style, across your lap, where you'll be ably guided by the metal fingerboard's fret-markers.


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